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Our Services


Installation, maintenance, and repair of systems such as valves and pumps to ensure efficient and reliable water flow.


Installation, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment, such as control panels, VSDs, Instrument Calibrations, and more.

Commercial Plumbing

Installing, maintaining, and repairing large-scale plumbing systems, including water supply, sewage, and stormwater drainage.

Poly Welding

Constructing large-scale pipeline networks such as water transfer mains and distribution systems.

Water Treatment

Installation, and maintenance of systems, such as Chlorination skids, A-Class, and recycled water plants.




Poly Welding

About Us

Since its inception in 1993, Jonoco has been delivering exceptional service to water boards across Victoria and Australia.

Today, they continue to excel in providing innovative solutions and expert services to the water industry, solidifying their reputation as a leader in their field.

Our Values



Safeguarding individual’s and the environment to ensure a future where safety is paramount and harm is not just reduced, but eliminated.



Innovation drives us to creat unique solutions for the water industry, constantly pushing boundaries to ensure a quality and efficient solution.



Prioritising eco-friendly practices and technologies to protect our planet’s water resources for generations to come.

Pump Stations

Pipe Laying

Poly Welding

Chemical Facilities

Dosing Skids

From design to flipping the switch on your new pump station, we blend mechanical know-how with electrical expertise to ensure a smooth, friendly, and efficient experience.

Installation of piping systems, including new pump station connections, recycled water mains, and sewage transfer lines, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion with precision engineering and reliable execution

Poly welding for durable, leak-proof connections in critical applications such as water and gas distribution networks, utilizing advanced techniques for both small-scale and large infrastructure projects

Construction and maintenance of chemical facilities for the water industry, dealing with common chemicals such as chlorine, MHL, aluminium phosphate, and much more.

We offer specialised solutions in remote dosing skids, designed to precisely manage chemical dosing in water treatment processes, including chlorine for disinfection and polyphosphates for pipe protection, enhancing safety and efficiency in hard-to-reach locations.

Committed to a Clean Water Future

At Jonoco, we understand the critical role we play in enhancing water quality. Our dedication extends beyond our projects; it is about fostering a partnership with the communities we serve, ensuring access to safe water for all.
By integrating innovative technologies with a deep understanding of local needs, we endeavor to contribute significantly to public health and environmental sustainability.

“Jonoco aims to be the leader of water services in the industry. Including treatment, delivery and sewage management”

Noel McKay

Director at Jonoco

Our Clients


ISO 9001 - Quality Systems

ISO 9001 accreditation guarantees top-quality products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction and efficiency in every project.

Our commitment to sustainability is highlighted by our ISO 14001 certification, emphasizing our efforts in eco-friendly practices and minimising environmental impact across all operations.

Prioritising safety is one of our key pillars, affirmed by our ISO 45001 certification, which shows our dedication to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all.

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